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hurrican-damage0to-siding-picStorm & Wind Damage Home Repair in Vancouver WA
Storm damage refers to the destructive effects that are accrued after intensive rains, lightning, ice and winds. For most individuals it can be very distressing to watch as your home is damaged by these natural onslaughts. Storm damage can make your home unsightly and uninhabitable. Below are some tips that can help you restore you home after a storm calamity. The very first thing you want to do is contact Water Damage Restoration of Vancouver 800-713-1932 2308 Richards Street they will work directly with your insurance company or public adjuster for all billing and payment details.

Clean Up The Debris
A typical storm scatters a lot of debris around one's home. Therefore the first step in repairing your home after a storm is to ensure that you remove all this mess. The restoration company will deal with the large debris and mess around your home or business. They will remove all the fallen trees and material left after the storm. Later on, they will clean up all the smaller debris deposits. If some of the components in the debris can still be used, they will do not throw them away. they will keep them in a safe place and make the necessary repairs where possible.

Check The Roof
Another area that bears the impact of a storm is the roof. Immediately after the occurrence of a storm, check the gutters, the roof and the drain. Call Water Damage Restoration of Vancouver 800-713-1932 to cover all the openings made on the roof with a water proofing material. As for the gutters, they will check for clogs and repair any damage. They will also handle any emergency board up work that needs to be done to cover windows that were broken or any holes the storm made.  Roof replacement may be a consideration.

Check The Siding
Any damage left on the sidings must be repaired immediately. For this, your restoration contractor Water Damage Restoration of Vancouver 800-713-1932 will hire a qualified siding contractor. At the same time, you should go for durable sidings so as to withstand any future storm damages. Ideally, you can replace your current sidings with steel, vinyl or asphalt sidings.

Check The Floor, The Furniture And The Walls
As for these three key areas, your restoration contractor will help you to do a thorough check in order to establish the extent of the damage to your possessions before embarking on repairing them. To restore their initial appearance, ensure that everything is cleaned and that they spray them with a stain removing solution. In case of an extensive storm damage on the walls, floor and furniture, you will need to consult a professional restoration contractor to handle the job for you. A good contractor company should be in a position to handle this job at an affordable rate and with reasonable terms of operation almost always covered by your home owners insurance.

24-hour-emergency-plumbing-service-water-damage-picThe Basement
Most people tend to ignore the basement while repairing the houses after storm damage. Failure to attend to the basement may lead to further complications that may result in further damage of the entire house. Your contractor will make sure to pump out any water from the basement using a good sump pump or water removal company. They will be sure to use a high powered water removal with extraction pumps in order to limit the damage to your basement in the process of removing the flood water.

Dealing with Electric Damage
Handling electric damage is quite tricky and potentially hazardous. If you are not qualified in this field, your restoration contractor will contact a licensed electrician to handle the job for you. At the same time, a good restoration company should be in a position to handle this job for you alongside all the other repairs.

As you can see, it is very much possible to repair your home after storm damage. If in case you require more specialized services, do not hesitate to consult tWater Damage Restoration of Vancouver 800-713-1932 2308 Richards Street we serve Vancouver WA.

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