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storm-damage-repair-services-picTips To Keep Your Home Dry During a Storm.

 Storms can cause severe damage to electric system and appliances. It takes a lot of time to clear debris,

fix new poles and wires; hence, it is vital to take all essential steps if harsh weather or major storms

or hurricane condition is forecast. If you need water removal services or water damage repairs call Water Damage Restoration of Vancouver 800-713-1932 2308 Richards Street Vancouver WA

Below are tips to help you keep your home dry during a storm:

- Keep your phones and laptops fully charged to ensure you have means of communication.

- Make plans of how to feed your family, purchase adequate dry food supplies.

- Before a storm begins make sure you get rid of weak and dead trees around your house. can help with that

- Make evacuation arrangements in case the storm gets worse.

- Get a survival kit with non-perishable food, water and a first aid kit

- Make sure your car's tank is full and park your car in a safe place such as a garage or carport.

- Carport should be your second alternative since carports are susceptible to wind damage.

- Collect all loose items from outside and store them inside the house.

- For very heavy items consider securely anchoring them.

- Add extra chlorine on the pool to prevent contamination.

- Ensure the pool filter circuit breaker is turned off.

- Set up storm shutters over the windows, doors and garage doors.

- Remove satellite dishes and TV antennas if possible.

- Avoid touching power lines when removing the tv antenna.

- Remove debris like trimmings in the yard since the storm can turn these debris into missiles.

- Keep all the pets indoors in a cage if possible.

- Make sure identification is on each pet and ensure you have a two-week food supply.

- Keep all crucial documents and valuables in waterproof containers and put them in an elevated location.

- Secure valuable items including passports, insurance policies, property records, etc.

- Scrub bathtubs, bottles, jugs and cooking utensils carefully and sponge them using bleach.

- Rinse and allow bottles to dry thoroughly.

- Fill the bottles and containers with clean drinking water.

- Bathtubs should be filled with clean water for sanitary uses.

- Put all small objects inside drawers for safety.

- Ensure the windows are closed tightly throughout the storm.

- Inform a friend or a member of the family who live outside the location where you will be during the storm.

- Make sure natural gas wrench and if necessary it is turned off at the supply valve near every appliance.

- Be careful when going outside the house; power lines may be hidden under debris and you cannot tell if a line is powered.

- If you notice any loose power lines or destroyed electrical device keep off and inform authorities immediately.

- Ensure your house is kept warm during the storm especially if you live with an elderly person who is more vulnerable to the cold.

- If you are not able to keep your house warm consider staying with friends during the storm.

- Turn off lights and unplug electrical devices when the electricity goes out. This will prevent overworking circuits and destroying devices when electricity returns.

- You can leave one switch on to signal you when electricity is restored.

- Keep the house properly ventilated and have a multipurpose, dry chemical fire extinguisher close and understand how to use it.

- Keep rug or large towel at the base of doors to reduce any cold drafts from entering the rooms.

- Switch the rotary motion of ceiling fan blades to turn clockwise at reduced speed to ensure the warm air is re-distributed in the entire room.

Water damage or hurricane damage can be greatly reduced if the water is removed immediately. A professional water removal and repair company will clean up the mess and help you get your life back to normal. If you have any questions regarding a water damage emergency Water Damage Restoration of Vancouver 800-713-1932 Vancouver WA.

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