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water-damage-flooded-basementHelp I Have A Flooded Basement in Vancouver What Should I Do?

I lived in Wisconsin for two years too much, between the cold winters and the hot humid summers I was very happy to get to warmer climate. I had never seen a sump pump in the basement or even a basement before this time so I did not have a clue how to take care of it. The first really wet month I found out  the pump needed attention. I could not pile boxes or other items on top of the drain. I also found out that over time the dust, dirt, lint from the dryer and other misc items would fall down into the grate if I was not careful. This dust, lint, dirt, toy combination made for a plugged up sump pump.

Did I forget to say that I thought the cord was in my way one day and I unplugged it?  Sure enough after the first real wet month my wife was telling me the basement does not smell right? Should have paid attention. Later she said it seems we have water in the basement. Really should have paid attention at this point. Is was much later when she could not wash clothes that I realized something was really wrong. Trouble was now I had a lake in my basement. I turned off the power to the house, the kids thought this was great for about 20 minutes. I still was not sure what to make of the lake but I found out why that funny wire was hanging from the ceiling. Trouble was once the power came on it would not work because the boxes on top of the grate and the muck inside the grate would not let the pump work. One gigantic mess later I was becoming an expert on sump pumps.

Flooded Basement in Vancouver WA: Sometime there may be too much water coming into your basement in Vancouver for the pump to work at all, like the street is flooded and there is more water coming in than the pump could ever pump out. This is when you need to get a hold of your insurance company, tell them you have a flooded basement in Vancouver WA and your local restoration company. NOTE: If you have a basement with a sump pump, or you live in an area that floods regularly, you need to seriously think about getting flood insurance or sewer back up insurance. Call Water Damage Restoration of Vancouver 800-713-1932 to get help extracting the water, once the water is gone, then they will remove all the wet carpet, sheet rock etc and start the drying out process. Water Damage Restoration of Vancouver Vancouver WA 800-713-1932 has specialized equipment to get the moisture out of the walls, floors and ceiling. They will then test to make sure the moisture levels are correct and treat the areas with special chemical that will inhibit mold and mildew from growing.

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